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A friendly non-competing brass band

Welcome to the Official Harworth Brass Website. Here you will find all the information you need, from members of the band, engagements, news and more!

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About the band

Harworth Brass is a non contesting band that is open to and welcolmes players of all ability and skill levels. The band was founded as a colliery band for the Harworth Coal mine. The mine has since been torn down, however Harworth Brass is still going strong, and intend to keep making fun and engaging concerts! If you would like to come and join us, you can do so by getting in touch with us here, or by coming to our practise that happens every Thursday at Harworth Town hall, 7pm while 9pm. 

Blythe Lights - Carols
Blythe Lights - Carols
03 Dec 2023, 16:30
Blyth Village Green

A massive thank you to our sponsor!

Harworth Brass Band is a community run band, and as such we rely heavily on sponsorships to keep the band running. That is why we at Harworth Brass wanted to thank Novus Marketing Solutions for providing the band with their excellent marketing services.

Harworth Brass isn't just a community band. We are a family. And as a band, we find it incredibly sad when one of our members passes away. If you would like to take a moment to look back over the memories of some of our previous members, please click here.

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