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Dawn Ingram

How long have you been with the band?*

6-7 years

What inspired you to start playing a brass instrument?

Friend at school said it would help my asthma and school were wanting trumpet players


What do you enjoy the most about brass banding/ music in general?

The wide range of music. Military, classical, films and popular.


What is your favourite time of year with the band and why?

Love a summer concert in a bandstand or park. Sun and ice-cream as a treat.


Why did you choose the instrument you currently play?

It chose me. I tried a trumpet and struggled to get a note. Tried a tenor horn and played a straight G.


Within the world of brass banding and music, what would your lifetime goal look like?

Just to be playing for as long as possible.


Has any one person or band inspired you, and if so how?

My first job was in a sheet music shop. Met a man called Derrick Ward ex professional cornet player. After not playing for 14 years he encouraged me to play again with City of Lincoln Band. His favourite saying was BTBT. Blow the bloody thing.


What is your favourite music to play with the band and why? (Marchs, hymns, current music etc.)

I love a slow melody but also enjoy a good match.


What do you feel makes Harworth Brass unique from other bands or 

why did you choose to play with Harworth Brass?


To be honest it was closest. Harworth has opened its arms and welcomed this mediocre horn player. Encouraged and not judged. Thank you xx


If you had the opportunity to learn another instrument (brass or non brass) what would it be and why?

Piano. 2 staves a wider understanding of musical theory.


What is your favourite memory or occasion from your time with Harworth Brass, and what made it special to you?

Lots of little moments and achievements. Playing a little solo in 2022 overcoming nerves and wishing my parents could hear it .

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