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Imogen Stocks

How long have you been with the band?*

15 months

What inspired you to start playing a brass instrument?

My grandfather was a percussionist in brass and jazz bands. He now has parkinsons so can no longer play but I have always idolised him for his ability as a musician. I also love music and wanted to meet new friends, so learning cornet and becoming part of Harworth Brass was a no brainer.


What do you enjoy the most about brass banding/ music in general?

I love being part of a team and feeling accepted regardless of my ability as a player. I also really enjoy being able to bring happiness to the local community through the love of brass band music and having the best team to play with. Brass banding is the most supportive community I have ever been a part of and I always meet the best people.


What is your favourite time of year with the band and why?

I really like Summer and playing outside. There's something super cool about playing outdoors wearing sun glasses!


Why did you choose the instrument you currently play?

I didn't choose...the instrument was available which felt like fate!


Within the world of brass banding and music, what would your lifetime goal look like?

I'd like to be an accomplished player and make people happy when I play with or for them, eventually, I'd like to be able to play marches without getting confused!


Has any one person or band inspired you, and if so how?

Patrick Holder, he has left now but he was such a positive influence and support to me when I first started. Everyone in the band has been wonderful though!


What is your favourite music to play with the band and why? (Marchs, hymns, current music etc.)

I love Pirates of the Carribean and Game of Thrones! Marches are great when I am not confused or lost with the codas and repeats!


What do you feel makes Harworth Brass unique from other bands or 

why did you choose to play with Harworth Brass?

The atmosphere is really friendly but focused at the same time.


If you had the opportunity to learn another instrument (brass or non brass) what would it be and why?

I'm currently learning piano which I love. I'd also like to try drums.


What is your favourite memory or occasion from your time with Harworth Brass, and what made it special to you?

One time, I asked my third cornet partner, Joe, "This bit sounds terrible when I play it, why does it sound so terrible?!" And Joe replied saying, "...because it's jazz! It's supposed to sound terrible!" Still cracks me up to this day. (Feeling Good)

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