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Steve Williams

How long have you been with the band?*

Over 30 years

What inspired you to start playing a brass instrument?

My brother and watching black dyke

What do you enjoy the most about brass banding/ music in general?

Playing at good standard for people and enjoying the band family

What is your favourite time of year with the band and why?

January to May. got rid off Christmas concerts and playing in competitions

Why did you choose the instrument you currently play?

Because I started on bass trombone when young and then baritone and then bass and played to a good standard and loved it from then on


Within the world of brass banding and music, what would your lifetime goal look like?

Done it played for Kippax at Blackpool in top section with land off the long white cloud and try to do it again


Has any one person or band inspired you, and if so how?

Yes playing for Wakefield met and winning first section at Bradford in 2004


What is your favourite music to play with the band and why? (Marchs, hymns, current music etc.)

Music like independent day/ music/ music that testing me to make me a better playet


What do you feel makes Harworth Brass unique from other bands or 

why did you choose to play with Harworth Brass?

Because I always think harworth is my home band form when I was 12 years old


If you had the opportunity to learn another instrument (brass or non brass) what would it be and why?

Don't bass is my only instrument


What is your favourite memory or occasion from your time with Harworth Brass, and what made it special to you?

Playing in the fourth section and winning everything we entered and coming second at Blackpool we all were young and was like a family

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